CIST971-AD IEC outsourcing contract


The servicedoutsourcingof whichthiscontract islatjisshowto attend theClient in the management ofson systthinformatic.
The services included are detailed in the description section at the bottom of the page

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It includes three services compelementarys, donTHEproposetions are leftfreeand function of theneedsdinClient :
1. Theadviceplugincharge evolutiondincomputer system: infrastructure (machines,wiring,networks, cloud, etc.);
• Landherels (cloud,istc.);
  • Wertualisations (PCs, servers,LANswitch, etc.); 

 2. L’expertise Integration, maintenance, supervision
   • Landherels (cloud,istc.);
   • Wertualisations (PCs, servers,LANswitch, etc.);
   • PCA & PRA

3. Thesecurity:taken incharge fromthemanagement ofthesecurityofi-systemnformatic:
   • Rightsaccess (accounts, fileIrishistc.);
   • Networks (internaltintrobbed,VPN, etc.);
   • Backups(rulethes, encryption,outsourcing, etc).
   • PRA & PCA

 The servicedoutsourcinghas forobjectif fromreduceainminimum THEperiodsdindisposedtheity d'andensemble frommaterials andservices informatics,Andto proposestructural improvementsturels and/orlogiciellesto allow a gain in efficiencytsystem starinformaticofClient.



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