Generate recurring revenue without customer reminders.

The platform to create your subscription offers to acquire, develop, retain and manage your customers.

Like millions of entrepreneurs, offer payment methods that secure your business


Payment by installments

Pay per day

Payment by the period

You no longer want to follow up with your customers every month

Offer them a suitable shopping area.

Automated Recurring Payments

No more stress and reminders. Collect your payments at each due date by direct debit or credit card

One-time payments

Don't wait for transfers from your customers. Submit your offers online and expand your business with ease.

Transaction fees

1% + 0,20€

by direct debit

1,5% + 0,25€

by credit card

Silpay adapts to your activity.

Our solutions adapt to all sectors of activity: Whether you are a service provider or merchant, Silpay offers you different levels of services according to the real needs of your business.

All you have to do is focus on your sales.

In a constantly moving world

Take advantage of a flexible solution to sustain your business.

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